In the basement laboratory, where Pink Hat resided for many years, with only access to the laboratory computers. Here she managed to find a mysterious virtual maze, allowing her to gain Cyber Skills. One day she located a trap door in the laboratory and punched her way through the solid steel door to journey back to the golden city. Along her journey she meets a myriad of extraordinary creatures. Many of which are holograms in disguise who attempt to derail her on this journey. The Pink Hat uses her digital compass to navigate through this terrain, at times treacherous and her laser sharp vision to identify the holograms.


The Pink Hat shares her experiences with the reader of The Pink Hat.
Not a Hat!
The Pink Hat created by Cecilia McGuire
Metaphorical musings of a would-be artist turned into Tech Security Geek. A Buddhist, Australian, Pole, I currently reside in London. I have 14 years International experience working in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and New Zealand. In 2005 I obtained a BA of Comms & Info. Tech (Computer Security) and in 2010 a Masters in Information Security. A CISSP certified professional, other works in progress include an MBA, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain. Priviliged to be published by Pen-Test and eForensics Magazines.